Thank you for considering to support LIBRe’s initiatives by becoming our donor!

We do realise that the results from our work are not directly evident - if you expect numbers and quantitative results, we could hardly present any, but we would do our best.

We could definitely set time schedules for our actions within each initiative we run. However, we could not possibly set such deadlines for achievement of a desired change which is happening in people’s hearts and minds.

We believe that each and every positive change is generated through collective efforts and nothing of what we see now could derive solely from our work.

Behind every single action and effort of ours, there is a significant amount of expertise and knowledge gained through time and requiring resources and investments. Show us your support and we will do our best to stay true to our principles and continue to actively observe, discuss, think, and act!

You can make one-time donation through bank transfer using one of LIBRe Foundation's accounts listed below:

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IBAN: BG58 FINV 9150 1016 5068 96


First Investment Bank (Bulgaria)

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IBAN: BG64 FINV 9150 1216 5822 86


First Investment Bank (Bulgaria)

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