The Team of LIBRe Foundation devotes a great amount of time and efforts to the implementation of ideas and projects which require special expertise and knowledge in various sectors of the social realm.


LIBRe Foundation aims to establish an effective internship program for students interested in gaining practical experience in the field of digital society policies and regulation and related issues.

The interns’ selection is based on regular internship competitions:

Internship invitation is announced on LIBRe’s web page two months before the scheduled commencement of the internship.

Candidates should submit a CV, a short cover letter, and an essay on one of three suggested topics.

The successful candidates from the first stage of the competition shall be invited for an interview.

Following the interviews, one or two of the candidates shall start their internship at LIBRe Foundation (the number of approved interns depends on the amount of successful applications and current vacancies).


LIBRe Foundation is an applicant on new projects and/or initiatives in response to call for proposals under different funding programs or public procurement calls, published by the European Commission, the World Bank, Bulgarian governmental bodies, and other institutions. Furthermore, we conduct selection of non-key experts on projects in implementation phase. The opportunities deriving from such procedures are published on our web site.

We also support various initiatives of non-profit organisations, patients’ organizations, sector regulators, and other partners. Those initiatives are announced on LIBRe’s web site under different sections and we need experts who would voluntary contribute with specific skills and knowledge.

Above all, we are looking for experts with innovative thinking who are loyal and team-orientated, with high personal and professional ethics, aiming for quality results. They would also show strong communication skills and ability to adapt to multicultural environment.

If some of the calls for experts is of interest to you, please pay careful attention to the instructions applied. Prepare the necessary documentation following the requirements and submit them as instructed in the invitation.

For general inquires on potential cooperation with LIBRe Foundation, please contact us at:

List of current vacancies

Here you could find all current vacancies. Unfortunately, at this moment there are no vacancies available.

If you are interested in the potential enlargement of LIBRe’s core expert team, please send us your CV and cover letter at: We will get in touch with you as soon as we have a suitable position available.

LIBRe Foundation applies personal data protection requirements

Some of the data you voluntary provide is personal data and falls under the regulation of the Personal Data Protection Act of Bulgaria. The personal data you provide will be managed for the purposes of the recruitment process and for implementation of personal data administrator’s lawful interests related to eventual labour or civil contract with you. LIBRe Foundation is obliged to use, edit, and store your personal data under the guarantee that it will not be disclosed to third parties. We inform you and you hereby agree that LIBRe Foundation has the right to provide your personal data to governmental and municipal authorities, banks, companies, and other organisational and private stakeholders in case there is legal obligation under a special regulation, or in case this is necessary for implementation of your lawful rights as an applicant in the recruitment process, or if this is necessary for implementation of LIBRe’s lawful rights. The Foundation also has the right to provide your personal data to individuals – employees of the organisation who are assigned to conduct the recruitment process or to work on eventual labour or civil contract you. We inform you that you have the right to access and request corrections of your personal data, as well as the right to object to the usage and disclosure of your personal data for purposes different from the above.