Period:  02/2018 - 03/2018
Status:  Finished
Contacts:  Alexandra Tsvetkova

Children’s freedom to explore and develop should not be limited due to lack of awareness of privacy-protecting strategies. 'Your guide to Digital Defenders vs. Data Intruders – Privacy for kids!' booklet helps them make safer and more informed choices about what to share and how to share online. It includes chapters on what privacy actually is, how to use safer messaging systems and how to improve the security of smartphones.

The booklet is the outcome of an international project with contributions by EDRi’s network (Bits of Freedom, Open Rights Group, Chaos Computer Club, Digitale Gesellschaft, ApTI Romania, Mediamocracy and many more). In the parallel universe of the booklet, a team of superheroes (the Digital Defenders) fights a group of villains (the Intruders). They were created by German comic artist and illustrator Gregor Sedlag.

The original language is English, but EDRi has started to coordinate translations to make it available in as many languages as possible. LIBRe Foundation joined the initiative by adapting the content in Bulgarian.

The booklet is available under a creative commons (CC-BY) licence and can be freely downloaded and re-distributed.

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