Hristiyan Dimov


Hristiyan Dimov graduated from Sofia University with a degree in law (2013-2018), obtaining additional qualifiation in specialized courses in Germany and the Netherlands (2017-2018). His practice and professional interests are focused on ICT Law and more specifically in privacy and data protection, rights in non-personal data, privacy-enhancing technologies in blockchain and decentralized applications, etc.

He had become part of the LIBRe Foundation Team in 2016 after winning second place in the LIBRe Essay Contest 2016 with his paper on the Internet of Things and its legal repercussions, and actively participated in the organization's activites in 07/2016 - 12/2018 period as a legal assistant. During his time in LIBRe, he developed specialized analyses and legal documents in the field of ICT law and provided consultations on issues in the fields of privacy and data protection, e-commerce, electronic communications, information security, data ownership, etc.; participated in the preparation of translations and/or awareness materials related to legal requirements to specific technologies or technological processes; and supported the overall legal and organizational consulting within the Foundation's projects. Following his leave in December 2018, he continues to support the organization in various initiatives and events related to his professional interests.

Currently, he works as a Data Privacy Advisor in a consulting company specializing in the field in Sofia, Bulgaria.