Period:  06-24.01.2020
Organiser:  The Hague Academy of International Law (The Netherlands)

The Winter Courses are a new programme offered by The Hague Academy of International Law since 2019. The second Winter Courses will be held January 6-24, 2020, a period of 3 weeks, during which high level courses on International Law (both Public and Private) were given.

The Winter Courses consist of courses on general and special topics. The 2020 edition included sessions on the interpretation and development of international law, due diligence in International law, the influence of history and culture, applicable law before international courts and tribunals, foreign relations, international scrutiny of derogations from human rights, influence of public international law upon private international law, etc.

Ivo Emanuilov, Senior Legal Expert (Of Counsel), was awarded a merit-based scholarship to attend the Winter Courses 2020.